I hope there really is prison justice.

There wasn't any in the court system under District Attorney Nicole Lostracco.



Mark Wayne Cole of Nacogdoches, TX

State ID 07167508

TDCJ ID 01612025

Holiday unit, Texas Department of Criminal Justice

eligible for parole 10/18/2018


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Subject: FW: Savannah Rae Carter, murdered Oct 17, 2008 in Nacogdoches, TX



Please read my rambling string of e-mails below. I am a grandfather who is forever torn apart not only by the murder of my only grandchild, but also knowing we have forever been denied a trial for the murderer, Mark Wayne Cole. Justice has been denied and I want everyone to know what has happened. Please forgive me if I offend anyone, but I want everyone in Nacogdoches to know what has happened in the court system there.

William (Steve) A Carter



Judge Klein and Judge Cox,

I did not have e-mails addresses for either of you so I am printing this out and will mail it to each of you. My grand daughter Savannah Rae Carter was murdered by Mark Wayne Cole. I am writing everyone to let them know what has happened at the hands of the DA's office in Nacogdoches. I would hope that both of you would go back and see all the e-mails and such we sent in support of going to trial, seeking justice. I would hope you would read how this has affected all of us. I know legally the DA can cut secret deals with the defense against all others wishes, but how can you folks live with these actions and what you do to the families left behind?
You are so hard you don't care about the family, how about justice for a murdered baby? Forget the families, how about a MURDERED BABY? No justice at all. I wonder how my daughter will feel when Cole is released and she sees him free on the street. She will quickly learn how fast 9 years go by. The DA can't do this alone. It took a judge to approve of this plea.

William A Carter


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Subject: RE: Savannah

Mr. Carter is right, of course.

In a civilized society, surviving victims of crimes perpetuated by heinous criminals such as Mark Wayne Cole have a right to see justice served at the hands of a jury.

Elected officials can try to justify their failure to make this happen by rationalizations to the effect that "it won't change the end result of the crime in question", but this should not be a choice for those elected officials to make. Some sense of justice, however insignificant this may seem to the prosecuting authorities, can be attained through the process of a public trial of the guilty party. If the surviving victims want a trial, it should not rest with the office of the DA to deny that right.

In this case, as in so many other cases that enter the USA criminal justice system, the opportunity for that sense of justice to be obtained has been denied. Denied, apparently, at the whim of the existing Nacogdoches district attorney.

The law-abiding public deserves better. Truly, the DA and her staff members should be ashamed. They failed to fulfill their primary obligation.


Keith Wingfield

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Subject: FW: Savannah


My name is William Alfred Carter. I live in Brazoria, TX. Savannah Rae Carter was my grand daughter. She lived in Nacogdoches with her mother Julie while she attended SFA. Savannah was murdered last year in her own home while being babysat by Mark Wayne Cole while my daughter Julie Michelle Carter was at a church event. Detective Ball had investigated this case and presented it to former DA Stephanie Stephens. Per both these folks they had a very strong case against this killer and advised not to plea the case down. Your current DA Nicole Lostracco worked secretly with Cole's defense attorney to plea the case down to what has been described as the very low end of prosecution all the while communicating with us that we would be taking this case to trial possibly as soon as Jan 2010. I want the people of Nacogdoches to know what type person they elected to DA, who is supposed to seek justice for victims. My angel was less than 2 years old and at least deserved a trial to let a jury speak. Nicole Lostracco would not let this happen and instead decided to permanently prevent us from at least finding peace on knowing that justice was done.

I do not yet know who all or how to contact people from that area to let them know how I feel. I found this e-mail address and thought it may be a starting point to contact your paper. I hope you will consider using some of this data to publish something to get the word out on what has happened.
If you can print it I will pay for it if I have to.

My contact info is:

PO Box 835
Brazoria, TX 77422

Phone: 979-665-1897

William Alfred (Steve) Carter

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Subject: FW: Savannah


Mr. Jim Sevey, Mr. Mike Kelly, Mr. Vince Griffen.

I wanted to copy you on my feelings in dealing with the justice
system in Nacogdoches. My grand daughter was murdered there a little
over a year ago.

William A. (Steve) Carter


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Subject: RE: Savannah


The Shaken Baby Alliance
4516 Boat Club Rd., Suite 114
Fort Worth, TX 76135
e-mail: info@shakenbaby.com

I had written The Shaken Baby Alliance after first talking to
Stephanie Stephens and Detective Ball. They both told me how these folks
assist with training and consulting resources in cases like this. I
these folks telling them who I was and thanking them for support.
Ball said he had worked with them specifically on this case. On the
with Nicole Lostracco I asked if she knew of this organization. She
and specifically warned me against approaching them. I assume this was
mainly due to her not knowing who they were or their mission. I knew we
would be up against a defense attorney, I didn't know the DA was
working against us to cut a deal with the defense. I hope the people of
Nacogdoches realize what a difference an election can make. I will do my
part to let them know my perspective on this.

I can't help but honestly feel that if Mrs. Stephens was still
DA that she would have allowed this to go to trial or at least held out
a higher end sentence as she said she would. I believe she would have at
least tried to find some justice in this nightmare. I wanted to write
Shaken Baby Alliance again and let them know how this turned out.

On my last talk with Tambra she told me that they would fight to
keep Cole in prison when he comes up for parole. I asked her why I
believe that when they would not take this to trial and attempt to get a
longer sentence in the first place. I asked her why she thought they
effectively fight it when they themselves are telling me "he (Mark Wayne
Cole) did not intend to kill Savannah". I told her I didn't think they
or could keep him in beyond 9 years. After all they have 4 more cases
like this to deal with. How many times did I have to hear about all the
other cases in Nacogdoches? I hope these folks can be shamed into doing
their jobs before they do this to any other families.

Steve Carter


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Subject: Savannah


Nicole and Tambra,

I want you to know the impact of your decisions on people's
lives. I
want you both to know what I feel and what I am going thru in part
of your actions. I have copied all the folks I was communicating with. I
have added some more and will continue to let folks know what has
I was too full of hurt and pain to bring any of this up before and am
too full of anger to hold anything back. For the folks that don't know,
Nicole is the Nacogdoches District Attorney and Tambra is the Victims
Assistance Coordinator.

I tried so hard to protect Savannah and make sure she had a
and safe life. I loved that baby more than anything. Mark Wayne Cole
my precious angel and ripped my very heart apart. I hope he burns in
for what he has done.

I wanted to assure that Cole was brought to justice. I wanted
him to
be locked away with no chance of getting out while I was still alive. I
never wanted to face that possibility. He tortured and killed my baby.
thought of him walking around free is more than I can stand.

Nicole, when I came up and met you three things stood out more
anything. The first was you kept telling us how much you loved your job.
probably brought this up more than anything. Second you kept talking
plea bargains and how most cases end up being settled that way. Third
kept telling me regardless of the outcome nothing could make it better
us. These three things stuck in my mind more than any at the time not
because you mentioned them so much, but I was worried a defense attorney
would not work to prosecute this case effectively. I had previously read
everything I could find out about you online prior to coming up. I think
takes a very sick person to defend a killer for money. I didn't bring up
concerns with my friends and family. I hoped that it truly took a hard
individual to work in these roles and maybe you would indeed prosecute
case well.

Tambra, all I asked you to do was to keep us informed of the
details and relay our support to the DA office. I knew the communication
dropped off because I quit hearing anything and then only after
for details and updates. Now I know why.

Nicole decided not to prosecute this case and to plea it out.
she now wants to tell me Detective Ball, the police detective who worked
case, and Stephanie Stephens the prior DA all lied to me also, this was
iron clad case as it could be. There was no need to plea on the lower
end in
this case. I fully understand that when a case goes to trial that a jury
do anything, that no case is full proof. With that said there was no
that anyone had stated for this case to not go to trial. Nicole plead
case out for 20 years. Mark Wayne Cole will now be up for parole in 9
Nicole, I hope you burn in hell for what you have done.

Tambra, you never bothered to call and let me know the outcome
the case. It was pure chance that I had written and asked about an
that prompted you to contact me. Here is what I got out of our call. You
told me that this plea bargain was "on the table from the very
You told me you felt "it was best to plea this case to keep the family
having to deal with the trial". You told me that you deceived me and
this information from me "due to my mental state". You want to blame me
part for the decision not to take this to trial and not to tell us about
plea offer? I reject this crap and you should really be ashamed for
expressing this aloud. You told me how "juries were unpredictable and
all, he (Mark Wayne Cole) did not intend to kill Savannah". This was
probably the worst thing you could have ever uttered. You defend the
that killed my baby by saying he did not INTEND to kill her? Tambra, I
you burn in hell for what you have done and said.

I waited until now to write everyone about this. I have not
any meds or had anything to drink in weeks. Nothing is effecting how I
or think. This is pure hatred and I am consumed by it. If I burn in hell
my feelings and thoughts, at least I know I will be there waiting on the
three of you.


Steve Carter